Call Of Duty Black Ops Cheats

If you want to know more aboutĀ call of duty black ops cheatsĀ keep reading below. Black Ops is the seventh and most advanced installment to the Call of Duty series. It is also the third in the series developed by Treyarch and Activision. It is a first person shooter that is similar to the others in its series besides the fact of it taking place during the Cold War. In the story you assume the role of an infantry soldier who can wield various fire arms and other weapons that can be found throughout the levels. The screen play is very advanced and includes many features such as; dual wield, silent kills, throwing knives, and even grenade return to make the experience as similar to real war fare as possible.

Call of Duty Black Ops

Due to the advanced play, Black Ops has been unofficially dubbed the king of first person shooter games. Which makes sense because it was the most highly anticipated first person shooter ever released to date. On release day it sold nearly six million copies just between the United States and United Kingdom markets the first twenty four hours after it dropped. Everyone with a gaming system compatible for Black Ops rushed to the store to try and get a copy if they had not already pre-ordered one. There are benefits and discouragements to getting products when they release.

If you are an avid video gamer you may not care, but others were disappointed that cheats were not offered upon release of the video game. The main cheats offered for it were leaked about a week after it was released to the public. Cheats are words, phrases, or codes that are logged into the main screen to unlock hidden features during play. These hidden features could include anything from extra; guns, knives or bombs to new levels or even arcade and mini-games (short video games often contained within another games).

Now there are dozens of different Call of Duty Mobile cheats out there that unlock and provide a plethora of advancements in game play and inventory. They can be found on many websites throughout the internet or inside gamer magazines. The cheat codes are simple to use and create a new style of gaming for the user that may make game play a lot more interesting. That is not to say that the game needs any more extras than it already has. The world of Black Ops is endless and intriguing and offers the player a very realistic view on how real ware fare takes place.

Call of Duty Black Ops Guide TIps

The C.O.D. series is sure to continue on and offer more versions and additions to its already vast collection of video games (a new COD FPS is set to drop later this year). To which cheat codes will always coincide with and be available for. Video game cheats have been around since we took our first steps into the gaming world and that will never differ, only advance and become better. So you will never have a shortage of cheat codes to make your online or console experience that much more exciting. Hope you found this call of duty black ops cheats helpful.