Call of Duty General Tips

With the new COD Mobile coming out, let’s look at some Call of Duty General tips you can use in all of the games.

Know Where Your Enemy Is

It is a good idea to constantly be checking your mini-map as often as possible.  This will give you a good idea of where your enemy is coming from.  The better you know where your enemy is, the better you can get a head start on them.

Don’t Be Idle

COD Tips

If you stand in the same place for too long you will get owned (from either someone that sneaks up on you or from a sniper far away).  You want to constantly be on the move and be gutsy.  I highly recommend that you constantly learn how to sprint (Press and Hold L3) whenever you move from place to place.  It is much harder for the enemy to target you and kill you if you are sprinting and/or strafing constantly.

I personally have the perk that allows me to run longer distances.  I also have the perk that gives me increased health.  This allows me to sprint towards people (while strafing) and knife them quickly. 🙂  That brings me to my next tip, knifing.

Know How to Knife Quickly

If you don’t know how to knife well, you aren’t playing to your full potential in the game.  Knifing is a key element for close encounters (that happen far too often).  With that being said, you should have your thumb on R3 at all times and be ready to press it quickly to knife your opponent.

Learn How to Take Cover

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If you see that the edges of your screen are turning red that is a good sign that you need to run for cover! At this point, you can only survive a couple bullets until your dead meat, so you better run your butt off.  Once you get to a safe spot, stay there for a moment to let yourself regenerate health back to normal.  It is important that you know where the safe spots are for taking cover, which brings us to the next tip.

Cars and Red Barrels

These objects explode! Stay away from them as much as possible, especially if the car is on fire.  However, if the car has already been destroyed then it is safe to take cover there.  Red barrels on the other hand are a big NO NO.  They explode when shot at so it is definently not safe to hide behind or near them.

Know How to Handle Grenades

Flash Bangs (my favorite) – I personally have x3 flash bangs as one of my perks.  I use them all the time! They are so good for using when you and your enemy are about to engage each other (especially around corners).  When you toss the flash bang, be sure to look away from it before it explodes (about 1 to 2 seconds after you release it) or you will also get blinded from it.  Once the flash bang explodes, sprint towards the enemy and be ready to knife him or shoot him from close range.  About 75% of the time he will be affected by the grenade if you threw it right.

Frag Grenades – These are excellent for tossing into a large group of opponents or up into a building where an enemy sniper is sitting.  If you time these right you can really use them to your advantage against your opponent.

Reacting to a Grenade that is thrown at you – You must always be on the lookout for the little white grenade indicator on your screen.  This indicator shows you where the grenade is sitting and will cause massive damage to you unless you react to it.  If you are a beginner or intermediate player, the best thing to do is SPRINT away from it as soon as you see the indicator.  If you are a more advanced player and/or have quick reaction time you can throw the grenade back to your opponent.  However, the safest way is to always just sprint away from it in my opinion as the grenade can easily blow up in your hand. And this are all the COD Mobile hack and other cheats.

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