Where all the technical difficulties are solved, where he established a solid practice, the engineer there is nothing. But as soon as there are cases going beyond the development, as soon as a problem that can not afford to existing methods, so once it was the turn of the engineer, and first of all the main designer ...
The title "Chief Designer" suffers from the disadvantage that it creates the impression that the main designer is just a very good, the best, the most experienced designer. In fact, the chief designer - this is a new quality. This - orchestra conductor, and has not attained the highest perfection of a drummer. In the design office there are people who know how to do every job faster and better than the chief designer, but he is the one who unites all, everyone runs for all responsible. To be successful, the chief designer should be confident, must take full responsibility for the project worth millions of rubles. Of course, it has to support, he has to help a large group, but after the group discussions all the important decisions the chief designer has to take one. It should have the strength and courage to refuse work that you can not perform well, no matter how much or encouraged him to do the customers. It must infect people with his enthusiasm and his insistence. And that, perhaps, the most valuable heritage that persists for many years after his death.

As a rule, the chief designer does not have to invent yourself job. He usually gets it from the customer, a guide to the job next nontechnical considerations - political, economic, military, etc. However, it is invested in a particular job, a compressed form of technical requirements (CT) - those "obarifmechennyh desires." The great experience, insight, courage and common sense required of the chief designer at the time making the TT.
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